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That feeling of being left out of the fun by MarwanGreenCritter

This picture is by far one of the most believable pieces of art that I've not only seen but can also relate to. I too have that same kind of feeling that I went through whenever here on dA or in real life, I too feel like a complete outsider as well.

whenever I come on other people's chats, there's tons of other people talking about other stuff and they haven't even said hello or chat with me about something at all. That really makes me hurt. Besides, That how I wanted to really have close friends, people to go hang out with, to get into trouble with, to have fun with. That sort of thing, but what holding me back is my autism (in real life) Although I have been improving with communicating with other people here on the internet but I wanted to build up with communicating with other people in the real world.

This one makes me feel relatable to the picture, aside of the art and expressions and themes of being shut out from other people having fun while the person didn't. This is one of the best. Classic job :happycry:
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