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Why do names like Anastasia Steele and Bella Swan are so unique when it's making other girls names look so ordinary?
Just listening to this song makes me think of Ebonivor recently.
Ebonivor's a Rainbow by RedJoey1992
Finally saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 and thank God that this is the last time I ever subjected myself to the Twilight fandom. And what did I think about this movie? ....

...You know what, since this movie, including the entire Twilight Saga, is so bad, I think it deserves a full journal review of its own.
Finally saw The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and I thought New Moon's the worst but this one is even worse. I mean nothing happens in this movie at all, the dialogue of the wolves is unintentionally humorous that even Disney animated characters would find it stupid, and the pregnancy scene is too frightening, sick, and horrendous even for Twilight standards. And the name of the baby, Renesmee? What kind of sick mother would name a baby like that? What's the point? :X That's like calling a baby Latrine. Hell, Latrine was more dignified than Renesmee.

I'm almost at the end of my Twilight Saga Review month, Four down, and One to go. Who the hell would call a baby Renesmee. God, that sounds stupid. :X
Okay, I've finished The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is part of my Twilight Reviews. It's still awful, just like the first two Twilight movies. The leads have no chemistry, the dialogue's a bore, and there are a bunch of unintentionally humorous moments like Bella punching Jacob's face while hurting her hand. Seriously, what's up with that? :shrug: But if there's one thing that's sort of redeemable compare to the first two movies, it does promise some suspension and buildup towards a big battle climax. It's action packed, intense, and does have some decent effects.

It's still bad, but when it comes to comparing it to the last two movies, at least this one didn't make me cringe as much.

Now next week, I've got the epic two-parter season finale, sorry, final chapter of the Twilight Saga to drive a stake through the heart at. Be on the Lookout for Breaking Dawn (Part 1 on Tuesday, Part 2 on Thursday).
Now that I'm finished watching The Twilight Saga: New Moon, I got to say that...It's even more boring than the first movie. Seriously, the leads are still boring, the pacing is aggravtingly slow, and this movie could've been cut to a mere 89 minute movie and it wouldn't make a difference. And Bella in this movie clearly shows why she is the worst role model to girls everywhere. I mean my God. Katniss Everdeen started a rebellion, Hermione Grainger fought alongside her friends, and what did Bella do? Trying to get herself in danger so she can have Edward save her. :x Honestly, I never got why Edward and Bella are perfect for each other.

Don't worry, I got the next Twilight Saga movie to burn at the stake. See you guys Thursday.
I didn't brave through Twilight the Book but I did brave through Twilight the Movie and it was bad, and not in a "so bad, it's good" way, but in more of a "so bad, it's bad" way. The leads are bland, the characters are boring, the direction felt like something out of a bad TV movie, the editing, beyond obnoxious, the plot......there hardly isn't any plot until 45 minutes in. And even then, NOTHING IS HAPPENING. And the worst part, everything that's happening is in the background while everything that's not happening is in the foreground. I survived this piece of crapfest, and I'll watch the next Twilight Saga movie, next week. That's right. I'll be posting up reviews on the updates, and will continue through until Breaking Dawn Part 2.

If you're a Twilight fan, then don't read it. In fact, read it. I'll take my chances.
Come on guys, I can't be the only one who really likes Galavant?
While Angelina Jolie is a perfect fit as the titular character, Maleficent overall is Terrible.
Katushiro Otomu's Memories is really mindblowing, "Magnetic Rose" is intensely creepy with an ending that is really original. "Stink Bomb" is both funny and tragic, with a twist ending that will shock you. "Cannon Fodder" is very stylish with impressive animation. Check it out sometimes.…

Since Leonard Nimoy passed away, and I felt very tragic about it, I'm just going to use this clip to honor him.

As Spock would say, :vulcan: REVISED Live Long and Prosper.
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RedJoey1992's Profile Picture
Joseph Monasky
Artist | Student | Varied
United States Minor Outlying Islands
This is me. I like to draw, write, and movies.

I happen to have come from a parallel universe where octopuses have conquered the entire planet Earth and I escaped to here, to follow my passion...making awesome art. This is just my cover, in reality, I'm really a humanoid squid mad scientist hell-bent on taking over the world, of course!

I'm not the kind of guy who draws inexplicable porn because it's really gross. I'm okay with porn, if it's done right.

(Profile Still Coming Soon)

IQ Test
IQ Test

Sorry if this is more showing off.


Fandoms I'm In.

… In case if people want to chat with me.


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Blue Sketch - 10 Points
A Phinbella Valentine by RedJoey1992
Antooniverse's valentine day gift by RedJoey1992
Cinderachel blue sketch by RedJoey1992
Commissions done with blue color pencil. Only one to three characters. 5 points per additional character.
Black Sketch - 20 points
Alt. Candace Pin-up 1 by RedJoey1992
Alt. Candace Pin-up 2 by RedJoey1992
Ebonivor and Hailey Storm by RedJoey1992
For 20 points, I'll do a pencil sketch commission. Up to 3 characters, 5 additional points per character.
Inked - 20 points
Ebonivor Flight (LineArt) by RedJoey1992
Cyborg-Inator by RedJoey1992
I can make the lines darker for 25 points. Still 1 to 3 characters. For each additional character, 5 points.
Traditional Coloring - 30 points
Teenage Isabella by RedJoey1992
Alt. Jeremy Johnson by RedJoey1992
Rachel's Rebooted Magician Outfit by RedJoey1992
I'll color in the commission with traditional colored pencils for about 30. From 2 to 4 characters. 5 points for each additional characters
Traditional coloring with Background
Battle Inside Evil Vanessa's Headquarters (Color) by RedJoey1992
Phineas and Isabella's Night In Danville by RedJoey1992
I'll add in what kind of background you specifically requested for 40 points. 2 to 4 characters. 5 points additional to each additional character.
Digital coloring
11-Year-Old Eddie by RedJoey1992
Teenage Rachel by RedJoey1992
Rachel's (Really) Official Hairstyle by RedJoey1992
I'll use Photoshop for simple flat coloring for 60 points, Gone up a little higher, Aren't I? 1 to 3 characters. 10 points for each additional character.
Digital Drawing with Background
Lois Lane - Lor-El by RedJoey1992
Teen Rachel - Future Witch by RedJoey1992
Ebonivor Flight by RedJoey1992
For only 90 points I'll add in a background of your specificality. Up to 2 to 4 characters. 10 points for each additional character.


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How do you want it to be?

:points: 5 (black and white)

:points: 10 (color)

:points: 25 (without background)

:points: 30 (with background)

:points: 50 (with original character from show without background)

:points: 75 (with original character from show with background)

I accept: Phineas and Ferb, Superheroes, OC
I Don't accept: very naughty and inappropriate stuff (Nudity as an example)

Do I make myself clear?

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